Thursday, September 22, 2011

Recent Crafts & Random Thoughts

I've been quite crafty so far this week.  I am mostly trying to put together things for Sully's one year photos that I'll take NEXT month.   I added the number 1 with fabric I had on hand to a plain white t-shirt I got at Target on sale for $1.25.  I also want to make him a pair of pants with the fabric.  I think it will be adorable on him.

I wanted the edges of the fabric to fray for a more distressed look so I sewed a little bit away from the edge.

Haha I made this felt number one.  Its about 12 inches tall.  Sully already wants to get his hands on this one, pun intended :).  I am also making various kinds of garland to hang and a wooden sign.  Both are in progress right now but I'll post pictures of the finished product.  By the way would anyone ever want to see tutorials on how I do some of this stuff?  Let me know!

I also found a bunch of cute free printables to hang in frames around the house.  This one is from here.  I also have this one too.  I got the frame at Michael's for $4.99 and it fits an 8x10 print.  Pretty good price for art!

 Now for a few randoms:
  • Tonight after dinner we went to the DQ as my family calls it.  I got a mini oreo blizzard.  It was delicious! 

Sully and papa tonight having fun outside at DQ :)

  • I have given Sully an extra week to recover from his cold before we attempt the Mom's On Call Sleep training again.  I am dreading it already.
  • Sully has started to stand up in the middle of the room now and sometimes walks while holding just one of my hands.
  • My aunt bought me the most delicious smelling and luxurious feeling sugar scrub at Wholefoods last weekend in Baltimore.  I am really obsessed with it, and will be sad to see it get used up.
  • Any suggestions on natural lotions for babies?  I think Sullivan has super sensitive skin, he broke out in a rash when I put a little Burts Bees buttermilk bath soak in the tub.  I am looking for something with few ingredients, even just oils I can put on him after his bath.  So throw your favorites my way please!

Well I think that's enough random thoughts for one day!