Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fresh & Fun Food

I have really grown to love going to the farmer's market each Saturday morning.  Of course it helps to wake up extra early to get a latte and a morning bun heated up at Starbucks first.  Plus, you have to get there early to get dibs on the best choice of produce.  Sully was a complete angel and the older gentleman behind us in line even asked me if he is always this perfect.  I said most of the time :)

He learned how to drink water out of this cup the other day.  It makes drinking water so much easier for him!  Speaking of that, both last night and tonight Sully opened his mouth like a baby bird under the faucet while the bath water was filling up.  It is the cutest thing.

Here was the stand that we got our veggies at.

We bought:
Red Shallots
One huge heirloom tomato
An assortment of hot peppers
Green beans
Two yellow squash

See Sully enjoyed the carrot.  He gnaws on them and eats the little pieces.  Don't worry I watch him while he eats.
(ignore the horribly chipped nail polish)

Alot of the carrot ends up on his sweet face.

Dinner tonight:
Pork Chop
A giant slice of the heirloom tomato(and best $2 tomato I have EVER had)
Fresh salad with this Absolutely fabulous Greek dressing

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


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