Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun Stuff

I made this Christmas card holder wreath a few weeks ago but I finished it up last night.  I can't wait to use it!

I had the wire hanger, felt, and clothespins on hand and just had to buy the red beads.

My inspiration came from this green one below on Pinterest.  I didn't feel like spray painting mine but its still turned out great.

At the beginning of the summer I showed you guys the pots I made filled with basil plants.  Well, those died while I was in Arizona so when I went to Lowe's I scored these succulent plants for $1 each!  

Pretty right?

Today Sully missed his second nap.  He normally takes two but sometimes likes to skip that early afternoon nap normally from (2-4ish).  Probably skipped it because we were having too much fun playing.  He started say "ball"  a few days ago.  I never knew that ball could sound so cute.  He also just started reorganizing things his way.  Now I find things in curious places.  He also sometimes puts things back were they belong when I ask him to.  Of course I think he's a genius :) 

These are my favorite kinds of laughs, the one's where you throw your head back because its just.that.funny.  He is sooo ticklish and I love it!

Momma and Sully cuddles.

Happy weekend!


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  1. Love the Christmas card wreath cause seriously what do you do with Christmas cards? But LOVE LOVE the pics of you and Sully more!! He is SOOO precious!