Thursday, July 14, 2011

Embrace the Camera

Well we've been spending some time waiting with my cousin Kaysie, for her baby boy to arrive.  So far he is four days over due and counting.  I am so excited to meet him!

This was a picture taken yesterday and we were laughing at the shape of her belly because that little boy in there is moving constantly!  Soooo cute!

 Today I spent some time with my mom walking around the Biltmore in Phoenix.
He is so adorable as always.  Lately, he has been crawling so fast and climbing. He's really brave so once he climbs up something to stand, he likes to let go and test his balance.  Sometimes he stands for three to four seconds before grabbing whatever he was holding for support and other times he plops down.  As you can see he still likes the Ergo though.
Chatting with Arty this morning.  Can't wait to meet up with him in California next week!
Random silly picture in front of a J.Crew wall.  The store is under construction.
Fun times!
Sully kept looking at the fountain and trying to figure out where the birds were at since they were singing.

I hope everyone is doing wonderfully.  I am getting a haircut tomorrow and I am really looking forward to feeling rejuvenated.


Also, please continue to pray for this family.  They brought home their sweet baby James (who is only six days younger than Sully) from the hospital after his brain tumor grew back worse after it was just removed two weeks ago.  I can't imagine the emotions and pain they are going through.  My heart breaks for them and can't help but cry with every update.  James is such a beautiful baby boy. 

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  1. Beautiful photos! The belly pic is so cool! Crazy how babies can contort a body so much!