Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our California Adventures Part 3

 There is something inspiring about beach towns in the morning.  They are always bustling with fisherman and people looking to stake out a prime location on the sand, and of course there are the regulars who meet up at the same spot every day to have coffee and catch up on gossip.  I have always loved getting to the beach as early as possible and when I lived in Newport (when I was 21) I would walk along the boardwalk and get the same donut every day.  The girls in my favorite shop still remember me and they adored Sullivan. 
On the pier again happily screaming :)
 Sweet boy.

 Hahaha....two things you can count on when you bring your child to the beach 
1) constantly re-applying sunscreen carefully to every exposed surface of their body
2) wiping the sand off their face and hands etc.

Its an endless cycle :)
 Wiped out under our half tent thing.  Definitely a nice thing to have on the beach with babies.  That day was breezy so I layered our clothes over him for warmth.
So beautiful!


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