Saturday, July 16, 2011

Morning Light

Just a few pictures from this morning.  We started the day off going to Starbucks (my brother works there part-time) to meet my aunt, uncle, and cousin Kaysie.

 Saying hi to uncle Stephen!
Chatting with Kaysie :)
Sully showing his lower teeth while "talking" to my mom.
Here is the little man with my aunt Tammy.

I'd say we are off to a great start.  We did make a stop to Goodwill and I scored three great little things for six bucks.  I'll do a post on those later. 



  1. your hair is so long!! And Kaysie is in my prayers for a safe entrance for her little one, too! She is glowing!

  2. I think he's trying to pick someone's nose there!