Monday, November 7, 2011

Fear and Motherhood

I think I have always been a girl that gets worried fairly easily.  I remember my parents going on a date when I was growing up and I was in charge of my brother and just feeling nervous that something would happen to my parents while they were out.  Or during the summer break I would make sure that my brother was wearing a helmet and staying in the driveway with his bike.  I never really got hurt because I was always careful and wanted everyone around me to be careful.  

Well as you can imagine I have found that becoming a mom has magnified my insecurities about all of life's uncertainties.  It's easy to let your mind wander into scary places, especially medical things.  They just freak me out because it's my responsibility as a parent to notice them because Sully can't give me sentences yet.  Not that he should he's only one.  Nothing bad has happened to any of us medically but when the front desk secretary at the pediatricians office knows your voice and baby's name because you take him in every time he has anything going on (a cold, a rash, or a red eye) its not a good sign.  She just says that we're one of her favorites and I like to think that's true.  

Tell me fellow momma's that I am not alone here.  


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  1. it's our job as mom's to worry!
    You aren't alone, truly!