Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our playful day

This was our morning yesterday.  Ok maybe this was how most of our day looked.  We did lots of playing.

We did meet up with Arty for lunch, which was great!

Its funny because now everytime I am on the phone Sully will put his hand up to his ear like he is on the phone too.  Or if he gets a hold of my phone he puts it up to his ear.  So adorable.

These are one of the little things I never want to forget.  How his soft curls swirl around his ears...totally precious.

His eyes are so pretty and full of a mixture of colors.

These are a pair of fleece pajama bottoms that I made for him while I was pregnant.  

We love playing with toys here.  I'm look forward to Christmas so that we can break out some new fun toys.  Our favorites come from Melissa & Doug and Green Toys.  Now I understand why kids have so many toys, it's because their parents like playing with different toys too.

Good times.  No GREAT times, the very very best of times!


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