Saturday, November 19, 2011

Recent Things

Last week there were a few days of nice weather.  This was taken on one of those days.  

We played with chalk and rolled around in the grass out back.

I decided it would be a good time to hang up my Popsicle stick snowflakes.  

They are huge and I love them! I want to make more.  In a way they remind me of something you would see at Anthropologie.

We did lots of chasing this ball around the house.

Random Bits:

  • I am loving that my man is going to be hanging out with us all week since he has a Thanksgiving break from school.  

  •  I think that Sully will be moving up to the next age group at MOPS.  Now that he is walking he seems to gravitate towards older kiddos so we'll see how it goes next time.  I do love the sweet ladies in the nursery now because one of them has a magic touch to get him to take a nap and then putting all 25 pounds of him in a bouncer.  This past time he slept for two hours there.

  • I had my first night out with four other mom's on Thursday.  It was FABULOUS! When I got home Sullivan and Arty were asleep.  It was 10pm.  

  • Sullivan helped me dust the other day.  I had a few paper towels in my hand and gave him one.  Then I started wiped down the entertainment console and he totally did it too.  Then we both walked over and threw them in the trash together.  He is so smart!

  • I'm taking pictures of a fun family early this week.  I'm feeling excited/nervous because I want the pictures to be stunning!  We'll see how it goes.

  • Oh yeah and Arty baked this Challah bread from scratch and then made the most delicious french toast with it for dinner!  Yay!


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  1. love the sweet pictures!!! & that bread looks delicious!! :)