Monday, November 7, 2011

Fun and Funny Stuff

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today.   We seized the opportunity to get out and enjoy the fresh air.  

Collecting rocks.

Eating dirt.  He did it so fast that I didn't have a chance to stop him.  I guess a little dirt never hurt.

Precious boy.

I love everything about this picture!

There were a couple hilarious things that happened over the last couple days.  

We have a rule about taking your shoes off before you walk around the house.  Well, I broke the rule and left my flip flops in the living room.  A little while later I see Sullivan carrying them to the front door.  Then he shoved them with force in the shoe rack/shoe station we have at our entryway.  HE PUT THEM AWAY!  Hahaha we were amazed.  He just turned one and now he is helping me organize.  Love that!

I always joke with my husband that when he leaves his socks laying around the house (all over) that I am just going to throw them away instead of pick them up.  Well today Sully picked one up and walked to the garbage and put the sock INSIDE.  He tossed that sock in the trash.  Laughter broke out immediately!  I'm pretty sure that Sully is a genius. :)

We are having so much fun with him.  His personality is really shining, and I'm loving every minute of it.


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  1. hahahaha love the putting the shoes away and throwing the socks in the trash. I need to teach Aden to pick up after us in that way!