Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I've always been a girl that LOVED sparkly things(glitter, sequins, DIAMONDS).  I truly love everything about Christmas time(every single thing), especially the glittery lights.  Well, I wanted to try taking pictures with a simple strand of white Christmas lights for the background.  Here are the results.

He doesn't suck his thumb...just bites it.  Darn molars!

I'd say it was a success!



  1. I agree that it was a success! Love these pics.

  2. Really cool Megs! I LOVE everything about Christmas too. We may not come back to AZ till next Christmas (or maybe next baby.. but hopefully those are one in the same) just due to finances. Love you!

  3. They came out amazing! Such a great idea :)

  4. So cute! If you come out here for Christmas will you take some pics of me and Dave??

  5. So cute!!!!! Hey, would you be interested in taking our family Christmas pics??? I'll talk to you at MOPS this week or my email is laneandlila (at) gmail - Anna :)