Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween Recap

Halloween 2011

We had fun carving our big pumpkin.  Sullivan was all about the pumpkin once I started pulling out the seeds.  

I used this recipe for caramelized pumpkin seeds and they were delicious.

I loved that our pumpkin had a tall "hat."

He was quite the helper.

So once it started getting dark here I lit the pumpkin and got the candy bowl ready for the trick or treaters.   And then the rain started...and continued.  I had planned to dress Sullivan up as a cute pirate and take him trick or treating but decided against it because of the rain and his lingering cough.  I love handing out candy and was bummed that we did not get one single trick or treater.  Oh well! Sometimes plans change and we still had so much fun on Sully's second Halloween ever.


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  1. We didnt have a single trick or treater as well! It seems like less kids trick or treat every sad! Looks like you had a nice relaxing night :)