Monday, June 13, 2011

Am I the only one who...

Am I the only one who...when going for a walk and pushing the stroller pretends that they are an actor in a movie listening to their own soundtrack on their iPod?   Hahaha...maybe that doesn't make sense but seriously every time I go for a walk and listen to music it feels like I am in a movie AND I LOVE it.  There you have it, laugh if you want :)

Am I the only one who...sometimes still pretends that they are a mermaid when swimming?

Am I the only one who...looks at the sky, closes their eyes,  and imagines being at the beach because that is what the weather reminds them of?(even though you are far far away from the ocean)

Am I the only one who...when needing a boost rolls their shoulders back, stands up straight, and instantly feels better and more confident?

Am I the only one who...enjoys getting ready to go out just as much as actually going out?

I am curious.

What do you feel like you are the only one doing?



  1. What a cute idea! Sometimes when I run to music (aka when I used to run lol!) I would pretend that the band was running behind me with all their instruments encouraging me on!

  2. You are too CUTE>!
    I will have to think about this one!

  3. I totally still pretend I am a mermaid when swimming. lol As I type this I am looking over my shoulder to make sure my husband doesn't see this. He will make fun of me! :)