Thursday, June 23, 2011

8 months old...tons of photos

My oh my little man you are already eight months old today!
You started climbing everything this month!
You love standing up while holding onto just about anything for support, especially momma and poppa's hands.
Now you have three teeth (soon to be four) on the bottom and four teeth on the top.
You are FULL of smiles and the sweetest noises I have ever heard.  Today you said "ma ma" while crawling to me.  I had the biggest smile and my heart swelled.  You also respond to your name which is adorable.
When you are excited you scream and throw your arms up and down while bouncing.  You are very much on the go, always moving and discovering new things.
Haha! you pulled down the fabric I put up for the pictures.
I love that face.
You just started sticking your tongue out this week.  You usually do it when you are crawling while also blowing bubbles.

Long eyelashes!
Climbing again!

Still wearing size three diapers
It feels like he is 25 pounds at least but I will have to weigh him tomorrow to get the official weight
Wears anywhere from size 9 onesies to size 2T clothes depending on the style
Still breastfeeding like a champ.  So far he is just not very interested in foods.  Actually the one food he seemed to like the most was a red bell pepper :)
Sleeping in the crib is going pretty good.  He goes to bed around 7pm and wakes up between 11 and 12, goes back to sleep and wakes up around 3am, then goes back to sleep till 5 or 6am.  He takes one or two naps a day for 30 minutes to an hour.

  Growing up I knew that I wanted to be a mom and that I loved kids in general but I had no idea how rocked my world would be once I had my own child.  I feel like my life has new meaning and I would do anything for him.  Each morning is full of excitement because I know I will be witnessing new things that Sullivan does or sees for the first time ever.  Its an amazing feeling.  I love him with all of my heart.



  1. Happy 8 months Sully! We love him too Megs over at the Hunt/Campbell household! 1 more week! I've been doing some sewing projects.. you'll be proud!

  2. Wow, he looks so grown up and cuter than ever. Great pictures,Megan. I love you guys.

  3. he's so adorable!!!!
    25lbs. that's a BIG BOY!!!!
    mine are girls and one was 20lbs at a year old and the other was 21 lbs. 9 oz. at a year. it's funny how boys are always so much bigger!
    he is sooooooo CUTE!