Friday, June 10, 2011

My cousin's baby shower

Finally, baby shower pictures from my visit to Phoenix!
Here we were doing a crossword puzzle waiting for guests to arrive.  I made the chalkboard sign, the hanging pennant garland, and that striped bag was my gift to her stuffed with goodies.
Framed fabric and cupcake stands pieced together by thrift store candlestick holders and thrifted plates.  Oh man those cupcakes were delicious and made by my brother's amazing pastry chef girlfriend, Katie!  The yellow one's were almond cake and almond cream cheese frosting with almonds on top and the other was a blueish green velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting and coco powder on top.
Here is my glowing cousin, Kaysie.

Another chalkboard sign that I made :)

Lastly, a cute picture of Sullivan and his buddy Tanner...haha!


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  1. Haha that second picture of me glowing I am making a funny face lol! Thanks for everything you did Megan I had such a blast! 27 days and counting!