Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day...

One of my all time favorite breakfast/brunch places in Phoenix is La Grande Orange.  They make their own English muffins(I am a huge fan of English muffins) so this breakfast sandwich I ordered on the way to the airport before I left was absolutely heavenly!  If you are planning a trip to Phoenix go there!

My little wiggler in the highchair.
Blurry but I loved his whale t-shirt...and he is wiggling again.  Haha!

This protein pancake from another Phoenix favorite, US Egg is sooooo delicious!  Its the size of a large dinner plate and I ate every last bite.  We went there the morning before we left and I always try to go there at least once per trip to AZ.

So cute!
My brother, Stephen saying something to Sully.  Good times!


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