Saturday, August 27, 2011

10 Months Old (8.23.11)

Wow! Another month has flown right on by.  I love him more than I can possibly put into words! This has been a big month in terms of development for Sully.
Weight: 23.6 pounds
Height: 30 inches
Clothes range from 9 months in some things and up to 2T in others like some of his t-shirts.
Size 4 diapers
He's been saying mama, dada, sometimes papa, and lots of noises one sounds like "that" and another sounds like "this".  I must say that the little "words" and noises that he makes are one of my favorite things so far.
Firsts this month:
  • He can open cabinets and drawers and I saw him trying to open the toilet today(Yikes!).
  • He stands up while holding on to just about anything and then likes to let go and balance by himself.
  • He drinks water from a cup assisted and from a straw too.  We do the put your finger on one end of the straw and drop the water into his mouth thing but he has sucked the water up on his own a few times.
  • He knows how to clap his hands and sometimes does it when I ask him to clap clap clap.
  • He can do high fives...and always smiles while doing it.
  • When I ask him to come here he crawls to me, he knows what "are you hungry means" and "bath-time" too.  He is so smart and I love that he is totally starting to understand things so I have stepped up our conversations some haha!
  • He absolutely loves it when you let him hold your fingers so he can walk around.
  • Another thing that he gets excited about is being chased.  He loves you to follow him while he crawls away and then he will stop and sit and then scream with happiness.  So awesome!
  • Oh yeah...he laughs in the car sometimes...this is new and very much LOVED.

He is always always busy.
He really is almost smiling most of the time.

True love baby boy. True love.



  1. I miss Sully. Give him a hug from grandpa. All my love, Dad

  2. Megan, that first picture he seriously looks like a little boy and not a baby! He's growing up!