Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back home now

Sully and I got back to West Virginia yesterday.  He did amazing on the flight and never once cried.  I did still get a workout but that's ok with me.  So we're back and definitely have some adjusting to do.  The three hour time change is a little tricky for bed time but so far he's already adapting well.  I have lots of cleaning and unpacking to do but that's to be expected.

So when we landed in Pittsburgh we decided to use a groupon and go get some Spanish food.   It was pretty good food and we had a great overall experience there.  This was the paella that we shared and that red thing in the bottom corner is a frozen watermelon sorbet that the owner of the restaurant thought Sully would like.

As you can see he liked the spoon more than the sorbet haha!

I should be back to normal blogging now that I'm back home.  I have lots to update.


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