Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our California Adventures Part 5

I'm almost done with these California posts.  Like I said there were lots and lots of pictures to sort through which means we had a great time.  I miss it so much.  Vacation can never get to me fast enough but the days while on vacation always seem to fly by.  Its never long enough. 

In other news...I can't believe that Sully is already nine months old.  NINE months!  I know I need to do a post about that.  He is just developing his personality like crazy.  He's been drinking water from a straw and eating bits of food here and there.  He still loves baths and any type of water.  He is so curious and explores every inch of my parents home(since we are in AZ this summer visiting).  Arty and I have been able to get out just the two of us and it has been awesome.  We also went fishing in the lake with my parents and I caught three fish, Arty caught two.  I won that competition :).  I hope you enjoy these pictures! There are lots!

Arty took this one of me on the beach.

Classic stop along PCH on the way to Huntington Beach.  A cute older couple run it and they make with out a doubt the best breakfast burrito.
Inside the burrito is strips of bacon, crispy hash-browns, eggs, and cheese.  I eat mine with hot sauce.
Here he is leaning on this cute yellow wall barefoot.  My mom made those cute seersucker pants.  Shoes won't stay on him.  I keep trying though...I have the cutest gray TOMS for him :)
Our little family.  I am wearing a moo moo type cover up from Goodwill.  Pretty comfy and only a couple bucks.
My boys.
Love love love!
I love Sully's hair all wavy and blowing in the wind.
Hahaha pulling Arty's hair.


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