Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Joining up for I SPY: Around the Home

I am joining up with Ashley from Little Miss Momma today for her fun Linky party.

Morning cup o' joe.

Vase full of thread I scored at Goodwill for $3.  Love the colors!

Canvas in Sullivan's room...thanks mom!

Babies first Rainbows.  Saving them until he can wear them :)

Craft room table with projects in the works.

Sewing table.

Sully's tugboat.
Bath letters.
Tray full of stuff in the bathroom.  NEED to organize.

Photo of the baby in our room.

Our bed.

Starfish paintings I did.  

Easter bucket I forgot outside in the rain.

Husbands books.

Our wonderful espresso machine.

Little love bug playing.



  1. I LOVE all of your photos!
    your blog is so fuN!
    your son is adorable!
    glad I found it, so inspiring!

  2. I'm lovin your starfish paintings! So darling!

  3. LOVE this tour through your home! Great starfish paintings, love the canvas from your momma, great score from the Good Will, and all your craft fabric is so exciting! Plus you have the cutest baby ever!

  4. Love the house tour!!! Cute baby :)


    was so inspired by your post and the one at Little Miss Momma, that I went around with my iphone and got some pictures from "around the house"....THANK YOU!