Friday, April 15, 2011

What I'm Loving Lately

The weather here has been so nice for the past two days.   I think its supposed to rain tomorrow...booo!  Anyway, I have been loving the sunshine!  I put Sully in the BOB and went on a long walk (three miles with HILLS) both yesterday and today.  He napped while I worked out.  I say that's a win-win situation for us.  

This photo was taken Monday before stroller class.  He looks happy.  I'm loving those cheeks!

I also wanted to show you what our tree in the backyard looks like.
Its funny, I left town for a few weeks and this tree looked like a pile of sticks and now there are beautiful  blossoms on it.  I love how that works.  

In the spirit of all things fresh and new, today I put Sully in the bumpo seat on our patio (in the shade of course) and he just watched me fill little paper seed starter cups up with some organic soil and I put seeds in there so we can have veggies.  I planted two kinds of organic tomatoes, a hot pepper mix, cilantro, basil, some wild flowers, and I think there is one more I am forgetting.   

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I am going to check out a farmers market tomorrow and hope that the forecasters are wrong about the rain coming back.


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