Saturday, April 16, 2011

Recent Pictures

We went to the farmers market today.  It was packed!  I got some fresh spinach and scallions that are huge.  Everything at this farmers market looked great.  I want to try some of the fresh goat cheese next time.  It did rain today and it was sooooo windy. 

 Here are some sweet pictures I took recently.

Father holding son

Baby boy resting his head in between the all the rolling he has been doing.

He loves putting those fingers in his mouth.  Lots of teething going on here.

Such a cute outfit today.
Jeans: H&M
Big thanks to my mom for this outfit :)

Sitting like a big boy in his crib tugging on his jeans.

There are those two teeth again :)

Also need to mention that my husband made a great dinner tonight.  On the menu was cod,  corn, wild rice, and a small new potato.  Thanks love!

Have a wonderful night everyone....I'm off to bed.



  1. Cod is great for DHA for both mama and baby! Sully looks absolutely darling! He gets cuter by the day!

  2. Just when I think I can't fall any more in love with Sully my heart makes more room. Megan what a fantastic photographer you are. Arturo your meal sounds great and nutritious. Love you guys.