Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pedicure Tragedy

Today I went for a pedicure, my first pedicure since before Sully was born. To get by I have been painting my own nails since I have all the tools to do a decent job at home, BUT there is something so sweet about a professional pedicure. So I imagined my experience at the nail salon would be heavenly and that I would float out in a trance because I was that relaxed. Needless to say that did not happen. Here are the high points. I was quickly seated and wonderful warm water filled the bowl. My pedicurist asked me if I wanted a regular pedicure or the delux, I said regular. Then the heal of my foot made its way to the back of the water bowl thing and clicked something. Next thing I know my pedicurist is basically being drenched in water spouting out directly at her face like a strategically angled hose. All of the other customers are laughing, the other nail people are giving me looks, and my pedicurist is spitting out foot water and trying to dry herself off. Water was everywhere! The owner picks up a mop and says to me that I turned the dial. Why would there ever be a reason for water to go out of the foot bowl like that? I was so sad for my pedicurist and could barely look at her as she quickly did my nails, which by the way already need a touch up. I am tempted to go back and get them fixed, and I'm sure they never want to see my face again. Definately my most eventful nail experience.


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  1. Oh no! Sorry you didn't have a great experience. I've never had a pedicure, but that sounds like something that would happen to me! :)