Monday, April 25, 2011

My jeans met scissors today

It must be the weather warming up combined with my need for shorts that brought me to this point today.  I have a bin full of jeans that I haven't worn in a while for whatever reason, but that I couldn't part with just yet.  So I went rummaging in there today and pulled out three pairs of jeans that were once very loved.  

Left to right:
1.  Joe's Jeans-worn out and they had a huge coffee stain on the legs
2. Paper Denim and Cloth-sooooo soft but the pant legs were too short for me
3. Citizens of Humanity-hardly worn because they were too short

I grabbed my scissors and started cutting.  I compare this experience to that of ripping off a band-aid.  The faster you do it the better it feels.  I varied the lengths and actually like the middle one's in the picture above the best.  

I may be the only one but I could care less about the size of my clothes as long as I like the way they fit me.  For example, I usually like my jeans and skirts to hang lower on my hips so sometimes I have to go up a few sizes to get the desired "hang" ha!  

This was so fun and easy to do!  I am excited that these pants have a new lease on life, I have shorts, and that I will use the pieces I cut off for some other craft down the road.



  1. love it. i just did the same thing before our last vacation. i worked for a denim company for 5 years and literally have hundreds of jeans. (gag i know ~ no one needs that many.) anyway, i had never cut them off until this year.... and it felt good!

  2. so cute~ I bet they look great on yoU~
    I don't wear shorts, but if I did, I would totally do this!

  3. I totally need to do this! I have so many jeans and no shorts. I'm just a bit chicken to cut up my clothes. haha